"Metadata" here means information about data packages provided by this service. This includes for example, authors, title, abstract, keywords, geolocation, time-range, variables, species, substances. The metadata for the data packages provided by this service are in the public domain. You might use them for any purpose, derive new data collections from them or integrate them in other data collections and re-publish them without asking permission. "Metadata" in this sense is just data about the data packages provided by this service and does not include any content of the individual resources or files contained in a data package.

Research data

"Research data" in this context refers to any content of any files, bytestreams or pointers to other internet resources that are included as "Resources" in a data package. This includes for example, but is not limited to, tabular data, "README-files", any other documents, software, photographs, drawings, graphs.

Any "Resource" in any data package might be available under a specific license. The license or the terms under which a particular Resource is made available might be mentioned within the Resource itself. A file archive of source code might contain a file "LICENSE.txt" or similar, or individual source code files might include licensing information. Documents of other copyrighted work might contain licensing information. A file within a data package might contain licensing information about the content of other files.

In the absence of licensing information for copyrighted works under Swiss law ("Bundesgesetz ├╝ber das Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte"), limitations regarding copying, making available, re-distributing, and generally using in any way, as set down in Swiss copyright law, apply.

Data for which Swiss copyright law does not apply and which are not made available under a specific license, are in the public domain.