Dataset: Daphnia galeata genomic variants - resurrected clones from Greifensee

This data package contains a variant call format file (vcf) of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) for Daphnia galeata clones resurrected from sediment cores from Lake Greifensee. See for more information

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Dennis, S., Hänggi, C.


Open Data Open Data
  • Dennis, Stuart
  • Hänggi, Corinne <
  • Giulio, Marco
  • Möst, Markus
  • Spaak, Piet
Keywords genomics,SNP,Daphnia galeata
Taxa (scientific names)
  • Daphnia galeata
Organisms (generic terms)
  • Daphnia
  • 1958 TO 2012
Geographic Name(s)
  • Greifensee
Review Level none
Curator Dennis, Stuart
Contact Spaak, Piet <>
DOI 10.25678/0005KZ