Data for: The distribution and spread of quagga mussels in perialpine lakes north of the Alps

The dreissenid quagga Dreissena bugensis and zebra D. polymorpha mussels are invasive freshwater mussels in Europe and North America. These species strongly impact aquatic ecosystems, such as the food web through their high abundance, filtration rate. They spread quickly within and between waterbodies, and have the ability to colonize various substrates and depths. The zebra mussel invaded and established in Swiss lakes in the 1960s, whereas the quagga mussel was not detected until 2014. We collected all available data from cantonal as well as local authorities and other institutions to describe the colonization pattern of quagga mussels in Switzerland. We also collected data regarding the distribution of larval stages of the mussels, the so-called veliger larvae. We observed that in lakes colonized by the quagga mussel, veligers are present the whole year round, whereas they are absent in winter in lakes with only zebra mussels. Additionally, we present detailed information about the invasion and colonization pattern of quagga mussels in Lake Constance. Quagga mussels colonized the lakeshore within a few years (~ 2016-2018) and outcompeted zebra mussels, and have reached densities > 5000 ind. m-2 in the littoral zone, even at 80 m densities above 1000 ind. m-2 were found at some locations. At the end of the article, we discussed possibilities on how the spread of quagga mussels within and among northern perialpine lakes should be monitored and prevented in the future.

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Haltiner, L., Zhang, H., Anneville, O., De Ventura, L., DeWeber, T. J., Hesselschwerdt, J., et al. (2021). Data for: The distribution and spread of quagga mussels in perialpine lakes north of the Alps (Version 1.0) [Data set]. Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.

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Haltiner, L. (2022). The distribution and spread of quagga mussels in perialpine lakes north of the Alps. Aquatic Invasions, 17(2).


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  • Haltiner, Linda
  • Zhang, Hui
  • Anneville, Orlane
  • De Ventura, Lukas
  • DeWeber, Tyrell J.
  • Hesselschwerdt, John
  • Koss, Michael
  • Rasconi, Serena
  • Rothhaupe, Karl-Otto
  • Schick, Roland
  • Schmidt, Brigitte
  • Spaak, Piet
  • Teiber-Siessegger, Petra
  • Wessels, Martin
  • Zeh, Markus
  • Dennis, Stuart R.
Keywords Dreissena density,Dreissena rostriformis bugensis,veliger phenology,monitoring,Lake Constance,invasive species
  • count
Taxa (scientific names)
  • Dreissena bugensis
  • Dreissena polymorpha
Organisms (generic terms)
  • bivalves
  • mussels
  • quagga mussel
  • zebra mussel
  • lake
  • 2010 TO 2019
Geographic Name(s)
  • Lake Biel
  • Lake Constance
  • Lake Geneva
  • Lake Murten
  • Lake Neuchatel
  • Lake Thun
  • Lake Zurich
Review Level domain specific
Curator Haltiner, Linda
Contact Spaak, Piet <>
DOI 10.25678/00052E