Trend-based calibration experiments with floodX data

This archive contains the results from calibration experiments with trend-like data. A simple EPA SWMM flood model was calibrated with different combinations of conventional water level data and trend-like water level data. Three different measurement locations in the model were possible: the pond (s3), the outlet shaft (s5), and the basement (s6). Trend-like data of different qualities were considered: error-free data (codename "trend"), data with correlated errors ("sofi") and data with uncorrelated errors ("gaussiantrend").

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Moy de Vitry, M. (2019). Trend-based calibration experiments with floodX data [Data set]. Eawag: Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.


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  • Moy de Vitry, Matthew
Keywords urban flooding,urban drainage,urban water management,model calibration,Flood Trend
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Curator Moy de Vitry, Matthew
DOI 10.25678/0001b6