Decision Analysis


The cluster Decision Analysis aims at achieving a better understanding of difficult environmental decision problems and at contributing to open research questions in Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). The focus lies on problem structuring of complex decisions, integrating stakeholder preferences into the decision process (including behavioral aspects), and dealing with uncertainty. A main aim is to simplify preference elicitation and decision making processes to facilitate their application in real world decision making without compromising on theoretical soundness.

The Decision Analysis cluster combines social, engineering, and natural science knowledge to support complex real world decision processes in aquatic science and technology. There is a close interaction with scientists from other disciplines at Eawag.

The empirical focus lies on urban water management (e.g. sustainable water infrastructure planning, decentralized systems), ecosystem services, and the preservation of water resources (e.g. river management). In transdiscipinary projects, stakeholders are integrated into research in different steps of the decision making process.