Environmental Isotopes


From groundwater dating to climate effects on lakes

The main activities of the Environmental Isotopes Group are high sensitive transient (biogeochemically conservative) tracer analytics (noble gas mass spectrometry, GC-MS, GC-ECD), the application of environmental tracer methods in groundwater and lakes (tritium, noble gases, SF6, CFCs, radon) and numerical methods of data analysis and modelling of aquatic systems.

Examples from our current research:

  • Determining the natural dynamics of water bodies (groundwater dating, water exchange in lakes and oceans.)
  • Using noble gases to study gas/water-exchange processes at methane bubbles in the sediments and the water column of lakes and oceans.
  • Gas exchange in the unsaturated zone and at the groundwater table, especially, excess air formation.
  • Assesment of pollutant transport and degradation in contaminated aquifers.
  • Time series analyses in groundwater and surface water.